Janet Evans Yoga
Shropshire, Telford area
BWY Teacher's DiplomaBWY Teacher's Diploma


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Yoga can be practiced by young and old alike. While there is no one who should be excluded, check with your doctor before you begin a course if you suffer from a medical condition or have any doubts.

Always wear comfortable clothing for your practice. Track suits, jog pants, shorts or leggings and T-shirts are very suitable. Do not wear anything tight or restrictive especially around the waist.

Be prepared to work with bare feet. If you do need something on your feet wear non-slip socks.

Warm clothing including socks will be required for relaxation. A blanket or towel is also useful during this time.

Take a yoga mat with a non-slip back, or for the short term an aerobics or foam camping mat, something large enough to lie down on.

A belt, small hard cushions, blocks and bricks will help on the way to attaining postures.

A period of one hour should elapse after light meals e.g. toast or sandwiches, before beginning practice. Two to four hours after a heavier meal or if advanced techniques are to be performed, to allow unhindered digestion.

Violent movements and straining should be avoided. Work at your own pace, within your own capacity. There is no competition or 'end gaining'. If a stage of a posture is difficult, wait until you can do it well before attempting the next stage of the posture. If a medical condition prohibits certain postures there are modifications or alternatives, or you can rest. Try to practice yoga at home every day.